Project date
2010 - 2012

Creating a network of services for creative professions in Emilia-Romagna

The project

The Incredibol! – l’Innovazione Creativa di Bologna project, sponsored by the Municipality of Bologna, provides people and organisations in the cultural and creative sector with the tools and opportunities they need to develop innovative projects. Incredibol! aims to develop a network comprising all the local businesses offering services to the creative sector.


The Municipality of Bologna needed support to come up with and coordinate a new project designed to support cultural and creative enterprises.


BAM! covered different roles during the first two editions of the Incredibol! project:

  • Co-planning during the phase for identifying the objectives, targets, activities and the results expected from the project and the calls for bids
  • Support in establishing the partnership and managing the network of partners, comprised of public and private organisations already operating within the city and region on behalf of the creative professions
  • Adding to the network of creative enterprises and acting as a facilitator to build a dialogue between the various players in the sector
  • Support in organising training and networking events
  • Project assessment coordination and support
  • Writing a report on Incredibol!’s first two years of activity (2010–2012)


The 2010-2012 report

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