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T Days is an initiative in which the ‘T’ zone on via Rizzoli – Ugo Bassi – Independenza in Bologna, becomes pedestrianised for people and cyclists and completely closed off from traffic and motor vehicles. The first T Days were held on Saturday 17th and Sunday, September 18th2011, a second edition was held on Saturday 3rd and Sunday, December 4th 2011: from 12th May 2012, the T Days have become a permanent weekend fixture.


A few months after the Board took office in May 2011, the Municipality of Bologna proposed an unprecedented event that would involve the city and citizens across the board (culture, mobility, commerce, leisure). This was an action on a specific area of the city, intended to open the doors to district branding which the Administration and the city itself were already oriented towards.


BAM! created the event’s identity and has developed a communication plan that, through a mix of traditional tools and 2.0, would help to achieve and communicate the T Days to different targets. It oversaw the creation and management of the website, social networks, the press and street design. BAM! also dealt with participation building and community management, through the launch of #TDays contest, of its exhibition and the making of the video ‘What would you give as a present to Bologna?’


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