Project date

Data collection and processing for a report on the activities of the Fondo Audiovisivo thirteen years after its foundation

The Project

The Fondo Regionale per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia was founded in 2006 and, in 2010, was entrusted to the Associazione Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia, the only institution of this kind in Italy.

Funded by the Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia, the Fondo’s main objective is to foster the development of local businesses working in audiovisual production. It achieves this by financing training, production and distribution projects.


Thirteen years on from the foundation of the Fondo, the Associazione Fondo per l’Audiovisivo feels the need to analyse and publish the results achieved following investments in the local area, starting by collecting feedback from all the firms in Friuli that have been able to get established and prosper thanks to its support.


The Associazione Fondo per l’Audiovisivo del Friuli Venezia Giulia asked BAM! Strategie Culturali to conduct this survey on audiovisual production companies and the relative system in the region and to draw up a document showing its findings.

The survey was carried out following two different lines of research:

  • a questionnaire distributed and completed by forty firms in the region that have benefitted from the Fondo over the years;
  • interviews with a selected number of firms, designed to gather positive case studies and special stories.

All the material collected will be processed in a report, which will also provide a brief account of the Fondo’s history. The report will be presented in Trieste at the end of September 2020.



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