BAM! has planned and is providing the lessons for an entire module of the Two-year Master in Transdisciplinary Design at IED Torino

The Project

The Istituto Europeo di Design – IED – in Turin has launched a new two-year master in Transdisciplinary Design this year. The entire course is designed to be taught in person, in English, and seeks to identify sustainable solutions that are relevant to people’s lives, in the future scenarios of continuously evolving cities and of mobility.


BAM! was asked to develop a module within the two-year course, which can introduce students to topics at the basis of our organisation’s everyday activities and explore them together, applying them to urban planning.

Cultural marketing, audience development, and participation and engagement processes targeted at communities and the stakeholders in cultural institutions will be at the basis of the module, designed and taught by Federico Borreani.


Three people from Italy and seven from the rest of the world (India, Japan, Colombia, Mexico, Belgium, Sri Lanka and Peru) are enrolled in the thirty-six-hour module designed by BAM! In addition to lectures in which BAM! addresses the core topics of the course from a theoretical point of view, they are involved in co-design activities developed by BAM! aimed at applying the methods they have learned.

Furthermore, in May, the class will be introduced in the classroom and given a live tour of two Turin-based cultural institutions that BAM! has invited to be case studies, offering an interesting perspective on the city and the practices they implement:Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti andPinacoteca Agnelli.


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