Project date

BAM! is working alongside the Comune di Fano on the communication for its new General Regulatory Plan

The Project

The General Regulatory Plan for Fano is an urban planning tool that establishes fundamental strategic guidelines for the large and small transformations that will take place in the city over the next few decades.

Fano’s administration aims to implement the General Regulatory Plan (PRG) as a strategic tool targeted at specialists, but also at citizens in general, with a vision and perception of Fano based on the public city concept and no longer reasoning on the basis of individual interests.


The General Regulatory Plan tackles urban planning, seeking to mirror the administration’s inclusive vision of the city.
Based on crucial objectives and themes such as the environment, society and the concept of the public city, the plan needs to be a tool that relates to citizens as a whole.


Through ongoing dialogue with the Comune di Fano’s Urban Planning Offices, BAM! has developed the brand and strategic lines of communication for the General Regulatory Plan, meeting the many requirements that emerged during the process. The coordinated identity will accompany the phases leading up to the approval of the plan and can be the basis for ongoing communication over the years.

BAM! will support the administration in illustrating the plan: the implementation of the new identity in the plan documents and in official presentations, two communication campaigns aimed at citizens (social media, internet and posters across the city) and the production of a motion graphic video in collaboration with Indici Opponibili.

The plan has been presented to the city via a series of meetings starting in May 2023. Following various consultation phases and technical meetings, it will be added to and updated on the basis of the comments that emerge, and then definitively approved.



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