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BAM! is part of the temporary association that has been tasked with drafting the masterplan for the future of the Villa Reale complex in the Parco di Monza

The Project

The Reggia di Monza (royal palace of Monza) is a monumental complex comprised of the Villa Reale, the gardens and historical buildings, the famous Monza racing circuit and much more besides, all enclosed within a park covering around 730 hectares. It is one of the most important monumental complexes in Italy and the fourth biggest enclosed park in Europe, created from 1805 onwards.

Since 2009 it has been managed by a consortium for the improvement and restoration of the complex, formed by the Ministero della Cultura, Regione Lombardia, Comune di Monza and Comune di Milano.

In 2020 a tender was announced for the creation of a Masterplan to identify the strategies and actions for the long-term sustainable improvement of the complex.


The objective is to turn the Reggia di Monza into a monumental and environmental attraction of international importance, to develop a broad and diversified offer, able to draw in different groups of visitors while also offering an opportunity for development, innovation and education for the local population.

The temporary association, comprised of CLES S.r.l., BAM! Strategie Culturali, MATE Società Cooperativa, Studio architetti Benevolo and StudioSilva S.r.l., has the task of developing the Masterplan to identify the medium- to long-term strategies for the sustainable improvement of the complex.

The indications contained in the Masterplan will touch upon numerous different aspects – environmental, historical, cultural and financial, to identify a sustainability model – and will act as a reference point for the new Strategic Plan for the Cultural Development and Improvement of the Consorzio Villa Reale e Parco di Monza.


The Masterplan will be drawn up in three phases:

  1. analysis of the context, production of alternative lines of strategy and potential development scenarios;
  2. identification of the plan of action and the management plan;
  3. drafting of the executive technical documents.

Within the project, BAM! is responsible for:

  • communication relating to the Masterplan, developing a coordinated image and creating a website to illustrate the content and progress;
  • developing strategic communication guidelines contained in the Masterplan;
  • the engagement process, which will see the involvement – on various levels – of stakeholders, represented by the third sector and associations, organisations already operating within the complex, and local residents. The objective of the activities to be carried out is to listen and create opportunities for co-planning in relation to the future of the Reggia di Monza.


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