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A student workshop for producing digital communication and promoting the events celebrating Dams50

The Project

To mark the 50th anniversary of the foundation of DAMS, the degree course in the Arts, Music and Entertainment, the University of Bologna is organising Dams50 from March 2021.

A celebration packed with events, exhibitions, conferences and meetings that will see the involvement of former pupils and numerous guests, including Daria Bignardi, Massimiliano Gioni, Chiara Alessi, Riccardo Iacona and Toni Servillo.


Dams50 is an occasion to celebration the first degree course dedicated to the arts, music and entertainment, but at the same time to promote the validity of this study course and to highlight the variety of professional outlets it offers.

Through this initiative the Arts Department seeks to promote the history of this course and encourage new prospects that fit perfectly into the tradition of the oldest university in the Western world.

Invited by the Università di Bologna and Articolture, BAM! has been asked to coordinate and support the implementation of the digital communication to promote the initiative in the best possible way.


During an initial phase, BAM! analysed the current status of the social media pages that would be used to promote the initiative.

On the basis of this study it then proposed guidelines for drawing up an editorial plan suitable for the university’s promotional requirements, which could be used to develop new content during the Dams50 events.

At the same time, a workshop was organised to get DAMS students directly involved in the initiative.
BAM! planned a series of theory and practical lessons to enable students to acquire the basic knowledge behind social media management and to guide them through the creation of new content.

The practical phase sees a real editorial team at work, coordinated by BAM!, which is following all the Dams50 events closely so that it can report on them and handle communications.


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