Gender Bender Festival / Cassero LGBTI Center

Project date
2013 - 2015

Design, networking, web and social strategy: two years in Europe between dance, museums and gender identity

The project

Performing Gender is the project that involved seventeen artists from four European countries on the path of research, training and creation to investigate through dance and visual arts, the contemporary representation of sexual orientations and gender roles.

Born in Bologna in 2013 thanks to Gender Bender Festival e Cassero LGBT Center, for two years it travelled across Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Croatia, connecting four major contemporary art museums, including the Reina Sofia in Madrid and the MAMbo of Bologna.


The Cassero and Gender Bender with this project faced for the first time the complexity of the design, management and communication of an artistic project on an international scale. Many challenges in the field: constant communication and production of English-language content, the coordination between partners at European level, and – even before all this – the building of the application.


BAM! contributed in the design and construction phase of the funding application for Performing Gender that lead the project to be selected by the European Commission totalling the score of 97/100 and reaching 6th place among 500 projects submitted from all over Europe.

Therefore we worked for Performing Gender on all aspects of web communication: writing and production of content for the web site, strategy and social media management, management of editorial plans in agreement with partners in four countries, building an online fan base at European level and dissemination of the final project output. We represented and presented Performing Gender at networking meetings throughout Europe and managed the development of partnership with the aim of creating the next project.



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