Camera di Commercio di Parma

Project date
2014 - 2015

A restyling of the tourist itineraries for the churches of Parma

The project

Thanks to a contribution from the Chamber of Commerce of Parma and the strengthened collaboration with the authorities in charge of the historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage of Parma and Piacenza, BAM! has restyled the signage in the main churches of Parma.


The Duomo, Battistero, San Giovanni Evangelista, Santa Lucia and Santa Maria della Steccata, are the main churches in the historic centre of Parma, a destination for many local and foreign visitors. Even where it was present, the signage of the tourist route and the explanations were scarce, hard to read and not even an English translation was provided.


The premise of the project was clear from the start: the more each territory is able to capitalize on its excellence, the more attractive its touristic potential becomes and will be more likely to be visited by tourists by investing in establishing a clear identity.

In fact, BAM! together with the art historians part of the organisation in charge, has designed a way to facilitate orientation within the places of interest and ways to better understand the works kept in them, aiming to increase the number of visitors and improve their experience.

We have defined a coordinated graphic layout and provided maps, making the panels that make up the new layout more readable and recognizable (remember that the headquarters of the churches involved are scattered in different areas of the historical centre). In order to greater involve and encourage also foreigners to visit, an English translation has also been included.

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