Stakeholder management and communication for the new Caserta-based project, starting with the Bourbon Greenhouses.

The Project

The magnificent residence, the rediscovery of the Bourbons’ innovative vision, the desire to redevelop and enhance an immense heritage through dialogue with the business world: the SEMI – Sviluppo E Meraviglia d’Impresa project has been launched for this very reason, starting with the Bourbon Greenhouses in the English Garden. And BAM! is involved.


SEMI wants to give a new economic impetus to the royal palace designed by Vanvitelli and the area that hosts it, implementing a process of business and historical-cultural development that is unique in Italy. Numerous organisations coming together, the goals of the UN Agenda 2030, the rediscovery of everything beautiful and useful that characterised the long Bourbon period: it all began with the Greenhouses, and then expanded to other spaces.


As part of the SEMI project at the Reggia di Caserta, BAM! has been responsible for:

  • naming, payoff and brand identity;
  • press office and social media;
  • stakeholder analysis and mapping for matchmaking;
  • networking events.



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