Understanding the organisation’s priorities and coming up with a coherent and effective communication strategy  

Il progetto

Armunia is an organisation that has been promoting and managing theatre and dance activities in the Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno) area for twenty-five years, looking after the programming in various venues and organising the Inequilibrio Festival every summer. Over the years, the shows produced by Armunia have received important national awards including several UBU prizes for the best dance performances.


Armunia’s activities are developed on three fronts: annual programming with performances and workshops, artistic residencies and the festival. In addition to Castello Pasquini, the organisation’s historic headquarters, Armunia has also been running other venues for some time, such as the Castello di Rosignano Marittimo, with a packed programme.

The need to further develop its relationship with the local area and to rethink communication priorities and objectives together with all the staff, prompted the artistic directorate to turn to BAM! to plan a mentoring pathway involving the entire Armunia team.


After an initial phase of organisational analysis and mapping of the local area, BAM! planned and organised a two-day workshop for the entire Armunia staff aimed at uncovering the objectives, the priority targets for the organisation and the resources it can bring into play and exploit: the basis for rethinking its communication, orienting it more towards its audiences.

This initial reflection resulted in the production of strategic guidelines for implementing Armunia’s communication, with specific actions primarily concerning digital communication.

BAM! is also working alongside the Armunia staff in the actual implementation of the activities, ensuring that the staff are able to replicate and devise further actions on their own. A capacity-building process that will revive Armunia’s communication.


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