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PERCEIVE meets The Road Trip Project: a day at the Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole

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How do you talk about European projects to citizens? Some time ago we talked about our part in The Road Trip Project, the EU communication campaign that aims to show how Europe invests in local areas. The first travelers hit the road to travel towards Bologna, Marzabotto to be precise. We met them together with the researchers of the PERCEIVE Project to tell them what we have done up until now and what we will do next year.

The Bolognese leg

We saw them arriving in their van from the gloomy hills of the Parco Monte Sole: Franco-Belgian Louis and Luisa from Berlin. They were the first protagonists of the European Regional Policy communication campaignThe Road Trip Project heading for the Mediterranean: one of the four routes that will see eight young people on the streets of the continent in the coming months. After Greece and the Balkans, the backpackers reached Italy, first Ravenna and then Bologna, before finally arriving in a school in Marzabotto.

Using cultural heritage to teach people about peace

We felt at home straight away at the Scuola di Pace di Monte Sole: a welcoming environment full of  history and a willingness to change in the present and in the future, what we still have to learn today and teaching future generations. The power of these places and the workshops offered by the school are attended every day in large numbers, starting from little children, to teach them about why conflicts arise, to teach them about a culture of peace. For Louis and Luisa and us, the tour around San Martino, one of the places the Nazi’s slaughtered a group of Jews during the Second World War, was an opportunity to reflect on how much Europe has been through and on the importance of continuing to remember and understand how our European identity has been marked by this event.

PERCEIVE meets the participants

That morning, BAM! broke the ice with a double interview asking a few questions about the inquest on the perception of Europe carried out by PERCEIVE.

“Feeling European has so many different meanings for each of us”

“What does being European mean to you?”

“Have you ever heard about any projects funded by the European Union in your region?”

Louis and Luisa responded instinctively, thinking of their Erasmus experience and recognizing how difficult it is to identify and know what is being invested by the European Union in local areas. Nothing new compared to what was discovered thanks to the research carried out by PERCEIVE: most Europeans are not aware of projects financed by Europe despite being just a few steps away from home.

After giving them a taste of what PERCEIVE is about, we passed the ball to the researchers from the Università di Bologna, leader of the project, who presented the results of the survey and the state of the art of communication of European projects. They then spoke about how the research team, also thanks to the support of BAM!, is meeting the regions through a series of workshops to understand how research can increasingly be transformed into practice, understanding daily issues, in order to provide an ad hoc guide on how to improve communication. In Italy the first meeting was in April in Emilia-Romagna and the second will be held on May 15 in Calabria.

Are you interested in learning more? Stay tuned on BAM!’s and PERCIEVE’s website and social media channels to stay up to date:

Here is a video-summary of the third week of the trip, from the Marzabotto leg from minute 5 and some info on PERCEIVE from minute 7, from Luca and Pierre! 🙂