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Museomix 2019: a report on how things went

By 16 April 2020May 22nd, 2020No Comments

How did Museomix 2019 go and how was it perceived? We gathered feedback from organisers, participants and visitors at the latest creative marathon in Florence and Ancona. 

Museomix is a creative marathon, a format developed in France to rethink the way we experience museums. This three-day multidisciplinary workshop combines intellectual and manual skills, bringing people together in teams to come up with innovative ideas and create prototypes for testing by the public.

Assessing Museomix is an important step in understanding the event dynamics and the perception of the marathon among the different types of users involved. BAM! and Museomix Italia are strong believers in the added value that a good assessment can offer: greater awareness of how the event went, about critical issues and – why not? – a bit of satisifaction from reading the enthusiastic comments made by participants.

Ever since the first Italian edition of Museomix, BAM! has developed the most appropriate survey tools and dealt with analysing and processing the information collected, while always benefitting from the support and assistance of the Museomix Italia community.

Here is the report with the results of the survey conducted by BAM! for Museomix 2019, which took place from Friday 8 to Sunday 10 November in two Italian museums: the Museo di Antropologia ed Etnologia at the Università di Firenze and the Museo della Città di Ancona.

Reading it might make you decide you want to bring Museomix to your town and/or museum!

Read through the summary of the three days on the Museomix Italia website

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