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Bologna Libraries and cultural citizenship

By 26 September 2022No Comments

How can we make libraries into places of cultural citizenship? Veronica Ceruti explores the subject in this video, sharing some of the Biblioteche di Bologna’s initiatives: from site-specific installations in Salaborsa to radio drama courses for young readers, all the way through to the initiative of gifting a book to every newborn in the municipality of Bologna.

The President of the Republic told the children of Procida that culture is a multiplier of civil energies. We are working to ensure that libraries are spaces for multiplying civil energies, we want to promote co-designs centred around producing the capacity to enable the citizenship to exercise a sense of belonging to the public sphere. Bearing in mind that welfare does not respond to the individual need but that everyone is a recipient of cultural welfare.

Veronica CerutiDirector of the Libraries and Cultural Welfare Department, Comune di Bologna

The video was recorded on 12 April 2022 during the Rileggere le Biblioteche round table, one of the activities organised by BAM! to mark the opening of the third section of the Biblioteca Malatestiana as part of our assignment to promote and communicate the new Rete Bibliotecaria del Comune di Cesena (Municipality of Cesena Library Network) (see our project here).