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A love of libraries!

By 26 September 2022No Comments

Maria Stella Rasetti tells us about the experience of the Biblioteca San Giorgio di Pistoia (San Giorgio Library in Pistoia), one of Italy’s first social libraries.

Is our objective really to go back to how we were? Probably not. We aim to consolidate libraries not as flagships of our administrations but as key services. The flagship aspect is purely ceremonial, whereas being a key service requires daily and constant investment, it means being able to represent yourself and be perceived as an important productive investment.

Maria Stella RasettiBiblioteca San Giorgio Pistoia

The video was recorded on 12 April 2022 during the Rileggere le Biblioteche round table, one of the activities organised by BAM! to mark the opening of the third section of the Biblioteca Malatestiana as part of our assignment to promote and communicate the new Rete Bibliotecaria del Comune di Cesena (Municipality of Cesena Library Network) (see our project here).