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The Masterplan for the Reggia di Monza is approved

By 13 September 2023No Comments

The Masterplan for the Reggia di Monza is online and accessible in both a full version and an abridged version online.

The document has been available since yesterday, 31 May 31 2023, on the website, following the approval by the Collegio di Vigilanza dell’Accordo di Programma (Programme Agreement Supervisory Board) and the presentation to the press at the Regione Lombardia headquarters, in the presence of Paolo Pilotto, Mayor of the Comune di Monza, Emmanuel Conte, Budget Councillor at the Comune di Milan, and Massimo Sertori, Councillor for Local Authorities, Mountains, Energy Resources and Water Use at the Regione Lombardia.

The Masterplan for the Reggia di Monza was developed by the temporary association formed by CLES S.r.l., BAM! Strategie Culturali, MATE Società Cooperativa, Studio architetti Benevolo and StudioSilva S.r.l.: an action plan that provides for a series of interventions and projects over a timeframe of more than ten years.

Its main objective is to promote the historical and cultural heritage of the Reggia (royal palace) and Parco (park), making it more accessible to local people and visitors from all over the world.

BAM! developed the strategic communication guidelines contained in chapter 4 of the Masterplan and worked on creating the visual identity and managing the project communication.
BAM!’s commitment to the project also continues in the area of citizen engagement and participation, through the planning and management of a co-design day regarding the online development and promotion of the park, the creation of new ways of using it, with a particular focus on accessibility, and also potential different functions and uses. After the summer, a round table will also be organised to share good practices on a national and international level in the field of historical, artistic and cultural planning and development.

To find out more, visit the Masterplan for the Reggia di Monza website and read the in-depth article on the BAM! website.