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“What are you doing this evening?” A new audience survey in Verona

By 28 May 2024No Comments

A questionnaire to find out more about the live performance network’s audience

What are the starting points for developing a live performance network strategy? How can we identify the objectives and actions that best meet audience needs?

Cosa fai stasera? (What are you doing this evening?) is the audience survey developed by BAM! to serve as a basis for the future strategic plan for the RSVP network, consisting of fourteen live performance venues in Verona.

Following an initial analysis phase and a series of individual interviews, BAM! developed a questionnaire to gather information on the cultural habits and wishes of Verona’s audiences, both more and less seasoned. The survey results will be a valuable resource for guiding future programming and incorporating the needs of different audiences into an engagement and retention strategy.

Are you a Verona resident? Have you ever watched a performance in Verona?
It takes just five minutes to answer a few simple questions in complete anonymity.

Fill in the questionnaire or send it to anyone you know who lives in Verona. You have until 15 May 2024!

The RSVP network includes established and more recently formed theatre and dance organisations from the Verona area: Fondazione Aida, Fondazione Atlantide, Arte3 aps, Babilonia Teatri, BAM! BAM! Teatro, Casa Shakespeare, Ersilia Danza, Fucina Culturale Machiavelli, Ippogrifo Produzioni, Associazione Culturale Mitmacher, Modus, Punto in Movimento, Teatro Scientifico – Teatro Laboratorio, Zebra Cultural Zoo.