• Sineglossa
  • Go World S.r.l.
  • C.A.S.A. – Cosa Accade Se Abitiamo
Project date

Promoting and communicating innovative land art-based tourism models for inland areas

The Project

Frontignano Art Walks is a project financed by the Regional Operational Programme (ROP) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the Marche, Priority Axis 8 – Action 23.1.2, which envisages the development of four pieces of land art within the Monti Sibillini National Park. The artists, within the framework of creative residencies, have been called upon to narrate the need for temporary living, in seismic region that changes its appearance on a cyclical basis.


The project forms part of these reflections and aims to bring together the community, public administrations, research centres, companies and non-profit organisations that share a vision for the radical transformation of these territories, including after the pandemic.

Specifically, Frontignano Art Walks intends to create works of art that will become totems around which people can gather, leading to the emergence of forms of usage and living that respect nature and all those involved.


BAM! is developing the communication strategy for the project, as well as facilitating the identification and involvement of partners, collaborators and stakeholders in the project.

Frontignano Art Walks is a project developed by Sineglossa, a cultural organisation from Ancona, in partnership with BAM! and the Ancona tour operator Go World S.r.l. The project also involves C.A.S.A. – Cosa Accade Se Abitiamo, a social promotion association based in Frontignano (MC), and Orizzontale, a Rome-based architects’ collective whose work spans architecture, landscape, public art and self-builds.



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