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A multichannel communication plan for promoting Rovigo’s exhibition project

The Project

The city of Rovigo is commemorating and analysing the event that marked a momentous change for the Polesine area. From 23 October to 30 January at Palazzo Roncale, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo is promoting an exhibition dedicated to the Great Flood of the River Po in 1951.


The “70 anni dopo. La Grande Alluvione” (“70 Years On. The Great Flood”) exhibition, curated by Francesco Jori and Sergio Campagnolo, will unfold through an exhibition narrative developed by Arcadia Arte. The various rooms will not only commemorate the tragic event and teach visitors all about it, but will also analyse its consequences and the opportunities that derived from it.

Indeed, the exhibition primarily aims to illustrate how everything changed after the flood: society, the economy and the entire system upon which the Polesine Veneto subsequently developed, which in the last seventy years has gone from being the region’s most backward area to an area of industrial development, agricultural innovation and tourism.

The communication aims to foster an understanding of these two aspects and promote the event, especially in the Polesine Veneto and Emiliano territory, in the Rovigo area and in the provinces of Padua and Ferrara.


The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo asked BAM! Strategie Culturali to plan and manage the exhibition communication.

A team from BAM! proposed an exhibition content distribution strategy incorporating various channels, both online and offline, and developed a coordinated exhibition graphics proposal to be developed for all the tools accompanying each phase of the process.

From August until the end of the initiative, BAM! will be responsible for:

  • producing the communication content,
  • identifying and managing a media campaign in the local papers,
  • managing a poster campaign in more than twenty municipalities in the provinces of Rovigo, Padua and Ferrara,
  • producing editorial material for specific audiences,
  • managing Palazzo Roncale’s new social media channels.

In fact, until spring 2021, exhibitions at Palazzo Roncale were promoted through the social media channels of the adjacent Palazzo Roverella. However, as the two venues’ exhibition programmes have become richer and more diversified, despite both being managed by the Fondazione Cariparo, a decision was made to create new independent social media channels, with the objective of enhancing the identity of both venues and communicating with the different target groups the exhibitions often seek to attract.


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