Project date

Rethinking cultural programming, audience relations and the role of digital media for Emilia-Romagna’s theatres in the time of the pandemic

The Project

BAM! is working alongside ATER Fondazione to identify relaunch strategies for the multidisciplinary regional circuit during the 2021/22 season: identifying new positioning objectives, making programming decisions for the circuit with a view to audience development, and trialling new internal decision-making processes within the organisation..


ATER has undergone an important development in 2020 and 2021. A new work group is tackling the biggest change in recent decades: the transforming theatre scene due to the pandemic, increasingly impelling digital media challenges and audience relations, which need to be rethought out in response to new community needs. The opportunity being offered is one of repositioning the institution, starting with its response to these challenges.


The mentoring process has been divided into two parts. The first involves an analysis of ATER’s offer, associated with a national benchmark analysis of relaunch strategies for the main regional circuits and good audience engagement practices through digital projects and platforms.

In the second part of the process, BAM! will facilitate a series of meetings with the programming team, working together to develop the new lines for the 2020/21 season and monitoring the strategy’s implementation over time.

The work carried out together will lead to a detailed report on audiences, offer and strategic lines, which will be given to ATER to ensure the continuity of the organisation’s strategic approach.


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