Comune di Ravenna

Project date

Coordination of an international workshop on the management and communication of cultural heritage

The project

The European project Herman – Management of Cultural Heritage in the Central Europe Area, active since July 2012 to December 2014, has united 9 partners from Italy, Hungary, Poland and Germany with the aim of strengthening the attractiveness and competitiveness of these Central European areas through the sustainable use of cultural heritage.


The Municipality of Ravenna partner of the project, had the task of organizing one of the four in-depth courses on cultural management issues expected to enhance the skills and capabilities of the participating organizations.


BAM! supported the organization and the participants for the duration of the international workshop: the first two days it managed the afternoon workshops, dealing with providing support and group participation and stimulating reflection on the issues addressed during the morning lectures. The third day it took on the role of lecturer, leading the morning session. The topics of our sessions were: goal setting, stakeholder management, communication strategies and digital engagement framework.

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