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Project date
2023 - 2024

A listening, discussion and experimentation process focusing on the tourism potential of the Castel Bolognese area

The Project

The Comune di Castel Bolognese has decided to launch a project to enhance and promote tourism in the area: starting from an analysis of the existing offer and potential, before going on to draw up a medium-term strategy and activate some initial actions and communication tools.


The Castel Bolognese area is rich in history and traditions, but does not lend itself to intensive tourism. Its potential can be expressed within the logic of a local system, favouring slow tourism; to do this, it is necessary to create greater awareness among citizens and foster closer dialogue and synergy between operators.


BAM! will be tasked with:

  • drawing up strategic guidelines for Castel Bolognese’s tourism development;
  • devising, organising and promoting two events of a local or neighbourhood nature, with the aim of activating stakeholders and citizens, gathering their input for the tourist development of the area;
  • developing some communication tools on the basis of the two events, to be used to promote the area in the future.

BAM! will be assisted by its partner Ideazione srl during the project.


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