Project date
2023 - 2024

Visitor snapshots to support future strategic decisions of Pinault Collection

The Project

Palazzo Grassi and Punta della Dogana are contemporary art exhibition spaces that share the exceptional Pinault Collection with the public in Venice.

In an ongoing series of temporary exhibitions, François Pinault, one of the world’s most important art collectors, shares some ten thousand works collected over more than fifty years with the public.


Wanting to profile and analyse visitors to its two Venetian branches, the Pinault Collection staff contacted BAM! Strategie Culturali.

Building a solid information and database on the visitors that pass through the two spaces is indeed an important intervention, which can support future strategic choices regarding matters such as programming, mediation, communication and marketing.


The BAM! team designed and developed a specific audience analysis questionnaire for the Pinault Collection. A tool for taking a snapshot of seasonal visitors to Venice, but also useful for laying the foundations for an ongoing profiling and analysis system.

In the statistical analysis of the data from the questionnaire, the team aims to provide significant information that will foster an understanding of the habits and expectations of visitors to the Pinault Collection, basing the institution’s next strategic decisions on these profiles.


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