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A roadmap to sustainability for Villa Smeraldi

The project

The Museo della Civiltà Contadina occupies the historical Villa Smeraldi, in Bentivoglio, 15 km from Bologna. It houses a collection of thousands of artefacts that illustrate the lives and work of peasants and craftspeople in the Bologna countryside. The museum, villa and gardens are managed by the Istituzione Villa Smeraldi, established by the Province of Bologna and supported by the Municipalities of Bologna, Bentivoglio and Castel Maggiore.


The Istituzione Villa Smeraldi was forced to restrict the museum’s opening times and activities due to considerable public funding costs. The Province of Bologna consequently felt the need to come up with a management model that would make the most of its precious resources.


BAM! was commissioned by the Province of Bologna to draw up a roadmap to sustainability. Starting out with a snapshot of the curent situation, it had to compare it with the situations faced by other Italian organisations, highlighting the problems to be overcome and the decisions to be made. The roadmap therefore contains a proposal for redefining the identity and the value created by Villa Smeraldi, accompanied by some sustainable management actions and planning ideas.



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