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International Workshop on Cultural Planning

The project

On the 24th and 25th September 2010, the international workshop on cultural planning – New Resources for Culture was held at the National Art Gallery of Bologna and organised by BAM! in collaboration with the Master of Science programme GIOCA and sponsored by the MiBAC – Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities. The workshop was held by Gail and Barry Lord, the two co-founders of the most important company in the world for planning and consultancy in the cultural sphere: Lord Cultural Resources.


BAM!’s main aim was to bring an experience of international level in the field of cultural planning to Bologna.


BAM! designed the workshop by structuring the sessions and, according to the contents, would carry out the mapping of potential participants who they could promote it to. BAM! managed the organization of the workshop single-handedly, dealing with logistics for the speakers, identity building, communication and acting as general organiser. BAM! succeeded in attracting 40 cultural operators from all over the peninsula, and 20 students from the University of Bologna.



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