Project date
2023 - 2024

Managing the communication campaigns for the exhibition “Per immagini e colori. La storia di Santa Umiltà da Faenza nel capolavoro medievale degli Uffizi”

The Project

The Uffizi Diffusi project aims to raise awareness of the Florentine museum nationwide through exhibitions, loans and collaborations with various museum institutions across the country. In October 2023 the Pinacoteca Comunale di Faenza joined the initiative with the arrival of a precious polyptych, displayed as part of the exhibition Per immagini e colori. La storia di Santa Umiltà da Faenza nel capolavoro medievale degli Uffizi, from 31 October 2023 to 3 March 2024.


Santa Umiltà (St Humility) is a particularly significant figure for Faenza, and the arrival of the polyptych this year sets out to be a good omen and sign of recovery for the local residents after the flood. Given the importance of the exhibition for the city and for the Uffizi itself, it was necessary to centralise the exhibition planning in the various media, both online and offline, in order to achieve effective and widespread promotion in Faenza and the surrounding areas.


The Unione della Romagna Faentina tasked BAM! with managing the planning of the exhibition communication and promotion activities, starting with the creation of graphics for the information materials and for the social media content for the exhibition opening, working in collaboration with other suppliers responsible for managing the various channels.

Through media planning, it was also responsible for identifying the best promotional strategies for widespread and effective publicity for the exhibition, before then taking care of the creation and monitoring of radio ads, billboards and advertisements in sector-specific publications and general newspapers (online and offline).


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