From development to coordination of a new digital strategy to illustrate the many different aspects of the Fondazione Rocca dei Bentivoglio

The Project

Over the years, the Fondazione Rocca dei Bentivoglio has become the cultural driving force of the Comune di Valsamoggia, a local authority that incorporates the municipalities of Bazzano, Castello di Serravalle, Crespellano, Monteveglio and Savigno.


After having taken care of the rebranding in the past, by drafting a communication strategy and creating the current website, BAM! is once again providing its support to the foundation.


Following an analysis of the context and communication, BAM! will develop, coordinate and monitor the new digital strategy. The aim is to ensure that the new communication guidelines for this cultural network of museums, libraries, archives, music schools and much more are respected and effective.


Communication strategies can’t remain the same forever. They need to be amended, implemented and refreshed according to internal requirements and changes that have taken place within the context in question. The Fondazione Rocca dei Bentivoglio needs to regain focus, make communication effective in relation to the new objectives and strategically coordinate all its internal resources. The context, target audience, objectives and resources have changed over recent years.


What are the foundation’s new objectives? What kind of synergies need to be developed with stakeholders? How can the foundation’s tangible and intangible heritage be promoted? How can the staff be helped to become independent in the creation of communication content?


In order to respond to the new requirements, BAM! studied the Fondazione Rocca dei Bentivoglio’s current status and its local context through two strategic workshops. The two meetings, together with desk research (communication and positioning analysis, stakeholder mapping and benchmarking), will lead to the drafting of a new digital strategy.


After this phase, BAM! will focus on channel reorganisation/restyling and social media management, together with constant channel monitoring. At the same time, it will also train and coordinate the foundation’s internal resources so that they have the skills and tools to work in synergy and to communicate effectively with their audiences.


Fondazione Rocca dei Bentivoglio

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