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Audience development, community building and digital strategy for the relaunch of the Musei Civici in Empoli

The Project

The Comune di Empoli recently decided to unite the city’s six museums under a single management body that would ensure their relaunch on a local level and beyond. The museums that make up the network are the Museo del Vetro, the Museo della Collegiata, the GAM, the Museo Paleontologico, the Casa-Museo Ferruccio Busoni and the Casa del Pontormo.

According to the Comune di Empoli and the Promocultura cooperative, which has taken on the management of the museums, these spaces will be required to open up to local communities, working on their relationship with nearby audiences.
BAM! has been asked to develop a training and coaching course for the new museum staff, supporting the development of new specific skills for museum operators.


Empoli’s Musei Civici are very diverse in terms of their collections and target audiences. During the process of transforming these museums into permanent reference points for local communities, staff will need specific skills to actively engage with diverse audiences and build a lasting and effective relationship with them.


The coaching process with BAM! includes two preliminary training workshops to introduce staff to some key theoretical aspects such as Audience Development, Stakeholder Management and Resource Analysis.

The results of the two meetings will be processed to lay the foundations for strategic actions regarding both communication and the involvement of the public and stakeholders. A number of coaching meetings will then be organised to further the use of communication tools and channels.



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