Musei Civici di Savona

Project date

Digital strategy, identity and communication for the launch of a new museum

The project

A new Museo della Ceramica opened in Savona in December 2014: a collection of over 1000 works, testifying to an age-old artistic tradition rooted in the history and economy of the Ligurian capital and the nearby city of Albisola. Housed in a fully restored fifteenth-century building and vaunting eye-catching displays, the new museum forms part of a network with the Pinacoteca Civica di Savona and the Milena Milani contemporary art collection: the result is a wonderful centre of cultural attraction of at least national significance.


The opening of such an important new museum provided an opportunity for promotion on several levels, starting with the relaunching of the city museum circuit, which was renamed MUSA Civici Musei Savona for the occasion and given a new coordinated image. The Comune di Savona and the Fondazione A. De Mari also needed to launch and showcase the Museo della Ceramica on the internet, starting with a new website and profiles on the main social networking channels.


BAM! studied the identity and characteristics of the new museum and the city network to ensure that it positioned it correctly on the web and social networks and to make its communications as effective as possible for the launch. In December 2014, it managed the museum’s online debut, firstly activating its social network profiles and then the website It organised a number of engagement actions for the occasion, such as a preview visit for local social influencers. From then onwards, all the way through until the end of 2018, BAM! looked after all the museum’s digital communication, networking with other local organisations and coordinating its participation in events such as @52Museums, the #MuseumWeek on Twitter and the Invasioni Digitali

During the subsequent phases of the project, BAM! worked on two fronts, completing the web presence of the Musei Civici by developing a multisite for the entire MUSA network and featuring an initial selection of high-resolution works from the Pinacoteca Civica and the Collezione Milani-Cardazzo in a multimedia gallery.

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