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Conveying the link between the Poet and Ravenna, his “Sweet Land”, online and on social media

The Project

The Comune di Ravenna is celebrating Dante Alighieri with a year full of festivities, meetings, exhibitions and performances, on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the poet’s death.

The events seek to consolidate the relationship of mutual devotion between Ravenna and the Poet, actively involving local residents, specialists, enthusiasts, schools and universities in a process of discovering Dante through the city and the city through Dante.


The objective of the sponsors (the Comune di Ravenna along with the Biblioteca Classense and the Museo d’Arte della città di Ravenna) goes well beyond the anniversary programming. They are actually seeking to promote the places associated with Dante’s time in the area as important cultural assets within the city, placing them on an equal status with the well-known Byzantine mosaics.

It therefore forms part of a significant repositioning process, with the aim of creating a perception of the Dantean city as a “secular pilgrimage” destination for enthusiasts. Recounting this link is consequently a fundamental element not only in terms of digital storytelling, but also as regards cultural and territorial marketing.


Since 1 August 2021, BAM! has been appointed by the Comune di Ravenna to manage the Instagram and Facebook digital communication channels, as well as to carry out routine updates on the website

BAM!’s task begins with the context analysis and strategic development phase, which involves establishing the communication objectives and the reference targets, identifying the topics to be featured in the production of suitable content and the creation of specific digital audience engagement actions.

BAM! will also develop a web and social media ADV plan on the Google ADS and Facebook Ads platforms, with a view to raising the profile of the “Ravenna per Dante” brand and reaching more and more people, with a particular focus on the potential targets identified during the analysis phase.

Banner and opening image photo credits: Marco Parollo / Courtesy Comune di Ravenna



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