• Tommaso Sorichetti
Project date

Planning support and moderation for a strategic panel designed to relaunch commerce and tourism in the Città Metropolitana di Bologna

The Project

The Città Metropolitana di Bologna set up a Tavolo Metropolitano per il Sostegno al Commercio e alle Attività Turistiche. Members of this discussion group include representatives of associations, municipalities, cooperatives and organisations. Through direct discussion, they are tasked with identifying actions for relaunching and supporting commerce, businesses and local/tourist services within the city itself. The project can be placed within the context of the emergency generated by the pandemic and the subsequent recovery and economic consolidation phases.


The Città Metropolitana entrusted the task to BAM! in order to benefit from its support in achieving strategic results during the course of the process.

The project objectives are:

  • to group together and analyse local requirements
  • to engage local players and parties and put them in touch with one another
  • to uncover the most suitable and practical support and relaunch strategies and methods through moderating and facilitating participatory meeting

to report the results and developments to stakeholders and regional bodies


BAM! worked alongside staff at the Città Metropolitana in planning the entire process comprised of two tiers: a political one (Political Panel) and an operative one (Work Group).

A strategic workshop was held to identify the objectives, expected results and the stakeholders to be involved. The most suitable tools and methods for communicating and sharing materials between organisers and participants were identified. Where necessary, tools were produced to carry out the moderation and facilitate meetings.

Lastly, BAM!’s creative team developed the coordinated identity and graphics for the process.

For each of the meetings held, BAM! was responsible for:

  •  co-planning the facilitation and execution methods for the meeting itself with the Città Metropolitana
  •  analysing the results that emerged during discussions

writing a summing-up report to be given to participants after each meeting


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