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A video to reconstruct sites from the past and illustrate history

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BAM! is working on the development of a video for the new museum feature at the Musei Civici di Imola, which is currently under construction. The video combines 3D modelling and storytelling and will take visitors on a dynamic and engaging journey of discovery through the history of the San Domenico archaeological site.


The Musei Civici form an important part of the cultural offering in the Imola area and have recorded an increase in interest and visitor numbers over recent years.

The Musei now have the opportunity to expand their offering in the San Domenico site thanks to the archaeological excavations and improvement works in the area that was once a Roman Domus.

This environment will comprise the first feature within the new Museo Archeologico: the underlying idea is to make the space narrative and immersive, through a video to be projected in situ.


It will tell the story of the various different ways in which the Domus space has been used, from Roman times all the way through to the present day. A video that reconstructs the spaces of the Domus and the surrounding buildings and tells visitors the story of these places, within the context of the historical development of the city of Imola.

The production will be made by combining BAM!’s experience in producing communication content and promoting cultural heritage with the extensive cutting-edge video-making expertise of Aelion.


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