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A process of communication analysis and strategic planning

The Project

BAM! is working on a strategic communication mentoring process for MaMiMò, which involves analysing its audience and resources and identifying new strategic objectives, with a view to ultimately rebranding MaMiMò.

MaMiMò is a cultural organisation that unites three different but interrelated entities under a single name: a theatre company that produces, co-produces and distributes performances on a national and international level; a theatre school that involves students of all ages, from the very young to adults; a cultural centre and theatre space that hosts a contemporary theatre season.


MaMiMò’s communication to date has focused on conveying all three vocations within the organisation, despite the complex content this entails. This complexity, together with MaMiMò’s huge amount of activity and its diverse audiences and target groups, has made it necessary to rethink its communication on the basis of a more strategic approach.


The process developed by BAM! is divided into two main parts: a workshop in person with members of the MaMiMò team and a consultation process involving the audience community and the extended staff.

During the first phase we gathered information and details about the organisation’s needs and requirements, before going on to co-design a communication and positioning strategy for it.

On the basis of the results that emerged from the workshop, BAM! will draw up some strategic guidelines: a document that sets out communication targets, resources and objectives. A fundamental step for establishing future communication operations and assessing them over time.

The second consultation will also involve the audience community in part, as well as staff at the organisation itself. The objective will be to make it easier to share visions, points of view and aspirations projected onto the organisation.

At the end of the process, BAM! will write up a final document: the guidelines for rebranding MaMiMò, which will be used to organise the information gathered throughout the process in order to direct the rebranding and subsequently go on to facilitate the construction of the organisation’s new website and its communication activities.



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