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Storytelling development to strengthen the relationship between the Museo della Storia del Genoa, its stakeholders and the city

Il progetto

Since 2006, the Fondazione Genoa 1893 has promoted the history of Italy’s oldest football club through activities ranging from educational workshops to events, all the way through to storytelling thanks to the memorabilia and objects linked to the history of Genoa and housed in the museum, which is still closed to the public today. While waiting to reopen its doors, the museum was looking for a new way to present itself.


It therefore came up with the idea of a multimedia project that would make room for “Genoanness”, leaving the floor to the fans, the club’s life blood. A project was devised to involve ambassadors and endorsers, with the aim of communicating the value of the club over and beyond sporting merit, presenting it as an inseparable element of the city. The project was called Scarves, immediately bringing to mind a symbolic object for the fans, namely the scarf in their team colours.


The museum needed to find a different way of telling the story of Italy’s oldest club. The project conceived by the BAM! team sets out an operation through which to engage different groups of stakeholders at the same time: the production of teaser videos involving a number of ambassadors, representatives of the different “core elements” of the museum.


The BAM! team worked alongside the Fondazione on the construction of a stakeholder engagement process capable of transcending city boundaries. By offering itself as a platform for dialogue and engagement, it allows the museum to create, develop and consolidate relationships.


The planned activity consists of constructing a communication campaign through video messages from endorsers, who recount their most intimate and personal link with the club and the team: an activity that consolidates networks and relations with stakeholders, but also enables communication with the public by actively engaging them.


The process began with mapping and selecting stakeholders, continued with developing a concept for these videos, and ended with the design of the overall communication campaign and the best digital strategy for sharing the videos.



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