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2023 - 2024

Strategy, coordination, planning and management of communication channels for the marathon promoting the ballroom dancing culture in Emilia-Romagna

The Project

The Vai Liscio marathon is a series of concerts, shows and meetings dedicated to ballroom dancing, with the aim of promoting and disseminating ballroom dancing culture, reviving its memory and musical characteristics, and building a documentary collection to support the candidacy of this dance music for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The project, consisting of a series of events from 6 October 2023 to 4 February 2024, is being promoted by the Regione Emilia-Romagna and coordinated by Ater Fondazione, in collaboration with Fondazione Entroterre, Egea, Cronopios, Mei and under the patronage of Siae, supported by the main sponsor Rekeep.


The aim of the project is to promote and rediscover ballroom dancing, its orchestras and dancers, and to raise awareness of it among a young audience too, through an artistic journey that unfurls between tradition and musical hybridisation.

In order for the event and relative UNESCO candidacy to be a success, it was therefore necessary to promote it to specific audiences, as well as to develop documentary and archive material in support of the candidacy.

The involvement of an extensive network of players in the project made it necessary for BAM! to coordinate it, focusing mainly on the management of a coordinated promotion and communication campaign between partners and organisers.


BAM! was appointed by Ater Fondazione to take care of the entire production and dissemination process for the project communication materials, both offline and online, in coordination with the Regione Emilia-Romagna’s Department of Culture.

Basing its work on an existing coordinated identity, it was responsible for the graphic development of a brand identity for the marathon, which was used in ATL communication campaigns via the official project channels and those of its partners.

BAM! is also supporting Ater and the project partners in press office activities and in the development of a digital strategy through content curation and social media advertising, starting with the implementation of a shared publishing plan and then dealing with the creation of copy and multimedia content for the launch of individual scheduled events.


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