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Handling digital communication for the exhibition on Rovigo’s most important twentieth-century sculptor.

The Project

Following on from “70 anni dopo. La grande Alluvione”, “Giovanni Miani, il leone bianco del Nilo” and “Rugby. Rovigo città in mischia”, Palazzo Roncale is continuing its series of exhibitions dedicated to the local area. From 25 March to 25 June 2023 it will be the turn of “Virgilio Milani e l’arte del ‘900 in Polesine” (Virgilio Milani and twentieth-century art in Polesine). The exhibition is curated by Alessia Vedova, based on project developed by Sergio Campagnolo. It is promoted by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo and produced by Arcadia Arte.


Virgilio Milani (1888–1977) is considered Rovigo’s most important twentieth-century sculptor. This is demonstrated by his sculptures dotted around the city – photographed by Fabio Zonta for this exhibition – and the numerous bronzes in private local collections.
Through the figure of Milani, who acts as a guiding thread, the exhibition narrative covers artists such as Mario Cavaglieri, Leone Minassian, Edoardo Chendi and Paolo Gioli, who is considered Milani’s heir alongside the critic Giuseppe Marchiori.

BAM! has developed a communication campaign that follows on from the work carried out for previous exhibitions, with a focus on strategic channels and content. Art history enthusiasts, collectors and local students are some of the audiences it aims to reach.


Arcadia Arte has once again chosen BAM! Strategie Culturali as a partner for developing and managing the communication campaign, both before and during the opening to the public.

The BAM! team will establish the digital strategy, manage social media, update the website and send out the dedicated newsletters.

From February 2023, until the end of the exhibition, BAM! is responsible for:

  • producing the communication content
  • managing Palazzo Roncale’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, on which it will implement social ADV campaigns
  • writing and managing content for the website and newsletter


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