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Bologna’s General Urban Plan. A guide by BAM!

By 22 December 2021No Comments

Reading the Plan, a freely accessible guide to the future of Bologna, is now online


Although not everyone from Bologna is an expert in urban planning, they should all be able to access the new General Urban Plan. And this is how Reading the Plan came about.

Bologna’s General Urban Plan came into effect on 29 September 2021. The plan adopts a strategic and innovative approach, which is truly groundbreaking for this kind of urban planning tool. It is a complex tool, made up of various documents, but it is fundamental in order to understand the transformations that will affect the area over the coming years.

In order to make it easier to read and to help local people find their way through this tool, we developed a guide in close partnership with the Plan Office. Reducing complexity by means of graphic aids, synthesising content and orienting it towards the user: these were the challenges we faced.


You can look through Reading the Plan here or explore the documents in depth on the Comune di Bologna website.


The guide to reading the plan is one of the activities we carried out as part of the communication project for Bologna’s General Urban Plan.

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